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Spring 2019 Renaissance 14

  • Justin Chukwmua Nwokolo Baton Rouge, La (Nigeria)

  • Mitchell Stanley Brown Kalamazoo, Michigan  

  • Derrick Wayne Boast Opelousas, La 

  • Mahcoe Dejuan Edwards Jr. Tulsa, Oklahoma  

  • Robert Earl Watts II Slidell, La 

  • Isaiah Earl Smith Baton Rouge, La (Cali) 

  • Christopher Lynn Braggs Shreveport,La 

  • Kemonita Mitchell Davis Baton Rouge, La 

  • Byron Dwayne Hall Baton Rouge, La (Detroit)  

  • Kyle Anthony McGregor Atlanta, Ga 

  • Kobie Jaih Isaiah Lain Atlanta, Ga (New Orleans)

  • Albert Orsy Leon Sutton III Bronx, Ny 

  • Robert Dontrel Gullette Alexandra, La

  • Ansar Muhammad Chicago, IL 

April 10th 2016 12 Disciples of Redemption 

  •  David Lee Gary, Indiana 

  •  John Pope III Griffin Ga 

  •  Wayne Griffin Baton Rouge, La 

  •  Marquis Williams Baton Rouge, La 

  •  Anthony Mosley Cairo, Ga 

  •  Charles Baker Slidell, La 

  •  Harold Myles Jr Fort Washington, MD 

  •  Michael Lewis Tallulah, La 

  •  Michael Harris Jr Baton Rouge, La 

  •  Micah Williams Mobile, Alabama 

  •  Justin Alfred Lafayette, La 

  •  Tony Richardson II Chicago,IL 


See It Through


By: Edgar Albert Guest


When you’re up against a trouble, 

    Meet it squarely, face to face; 

Lift your chin and set your shoulders, 

    Plant your feet and take a brace. 

When it’s vain to try to dodge it, 

    Do the best that you can do; 

You may fail, but you may conquer, 

    See it through! 


Black may be the clouds about you 

    And your future may seem grim, 

But don’t let your nerve desert you; 

    Keep yourself in fighting trim. 

If the worst is bound to happen, 

    Spite of all that you can do, 

Running from it will not save you, 

    See it through! 


Even hope may seem but futile, 

    When with troubles you’re beset, 

But remember you are facing 

    Just what other men have met. 

You may fail, but fall still fighting; 

    Don’t give up, whate’er you do; 

Eyes front, head high to the finish. 

    See it through!

Men Vs. Members


By: Walter Herbert Mazyck (Alpha 1913), The Oracle, 1925


“The Greek Letter Societies among our group

appear to have entered into a period of mad

competition for obtaining members.  Scarcely a

student on the college campus but wears a pledge pin

or a fraternity pin.  Are the fraternities forgetting

their original high standards?  Can it be said that

every man who enters college is of Fraternity

material?  If in any place, Omega has entered this

mad race for members, pause and consider.


The value of our Fraternity is not in numbers, but

in men, in real brotherhood.  Eight men thoroughly

immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater

assets than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm.


If any chapter has reached the maximum in numbers for

efficient work and brotherly cooperation, let it initiate each year only a number of men equal to

those leaving the chapter by way of graduation or



Men, real men of Omega caliber, strive for that

which is most difficult of attainment.

Keep Omega the most difficult Greek letter Society in which to obtain membership and be assured that Omega

material will never be found lacking.”